Han Yang, PhD

Discover and Characterize Genes and Variants Associated with Phagocytosis in Alzheimer's Disease

Coralie Alexandre, PhD

New Molecular and Cellular Aspects of the Regulation of Energy Homeostasis by the Leptin-Melanocortin Pathway

Kimberly Lewis, PhD

Integrating the Metabolome with the Transcriptome and miRNAome in Underactive Adults at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Sarah Kaufman, MD, PhD

Actin-mitochondria Interactions During Stress and Aging

Finn Wolfreys, PhD

Screening and Characterization of Protein Folding Correctors for Non-Surgical Treatment of Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy

Claire Clelland, MD, PhD

Using Genetics, CRISPR and Patient iPSC to Model C9orf72 FTD/ALS

Andrew Folick, MD, PhD

Role of Apolipoprotein E in Diet-Responsive Hypothalamic Microglial Regulation of Obesity and Metabolic Disease

Amanda McQuade, PhD

Uncovering Function and Regulation of an Aging-Associated Interferon-Responsive Microglial State