Funded Research


Pam Taub, MD

Feasibility and Efficacy of Time-Restricted Eating in Diabetes Management

Muniesh Muthaiyan Shanmugam, PhD

The Role of Methylglyoxal(MGO)-Derived AGEs in Regulating Feeding

Adit Friedberg, MD

Transcriptional Landscape of Cellular Senescence in the Human Brain in Healthy Aging and in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Bastian Ramms, PhD

Exploring the Translational Potential of a New Mitogenic Target in Beta Cells

Timothy Chang, MD, PhD

Rare Genetic Risk and Cell-Type Gene Networks in Tauopathy Across Ancestries

Aksinya Derevyanko, PhD

Delivery of Astrocyte-Secreted Factor to Rescue Synapses in Alzheimer's Disease

Angela Gomez-Arboledas, PhD

Influence of C5a-C5aR1 Signaling on Synaptic Pruning in Alzheimer’s Disease

Ronald Evans, PhD

Adipose PDE4D: a New Druggable Pathway to Overcome Insulin Resistance

Abdulsamie Patel, PhD

Glia-Neuron Cross-Talk in iPSC Model(s) of Induced Neurodegeneration

Ahmet Arac, MD

Neural Circuit Mechanisms of Age-Related Decline in Motor Skills

Alison Inglis, PhD

Ion Channel Assembly in Neuronal Degeneration

Sara LaHue, MD

Biological Signatures of Neurodegeneration and Aging in Postoperative Delirium